Creating On-Ramps for NFT Startups

nfts for startups

Welcome to GoGo NFTs

We are a grassroots NFT startup.

Our mission is to make getting started with NFTs easier.

To support people and brands getting started with NFTs.

We are early in our mission. Our plan will change.

And we want to share our developments with you, giving you insight to how we develop our services and tools as we move forward. The vision for our brand is best explained by having a look at our routes to market. 

1. NFT Marketing services

We come from a traditional marketing business which helps us in multiple ways. 

We can help NFT projects increase their reach with paid ads, website creation, content creation, branding and so on.

To start, we have set up a website which goes into detail about our services and goals. We have also started building our artist and developer network.

The future of this will be to become an NFT marketplace where we connect artists, brands and developers. Making it easier for everyone to create and trade on the blockchain.

2. Curating NFT projects

We will do this in two main ways. 

Creating content where we curate lists of NFT influencers / NFT projects and good information, looking to save you time and effort. Using video, blogs to give you the right information at the right time.

Secondly, by offering a curated list of ‘upcoming NFT projects’ to our website. 

Helping people save time to find new upcoming NFT projects and the people that they should be connecting or listening to.

See a full list of upcoming NFT projects here

3. Launch our own NFT Project

There is no better way to develop our NFT and Blockain skills than launching our own NFT.

This also gets us to build our network with the NFT community.

The market is moving fast and there are many moving elements, this helps us see the tools that are available, the pain points, and the good – bad and ungly NFT stories, educating our team and helping to re-direct GoGo NFTs.

Our first NFT project is our alpha project. This is not a quick flip, we are looking to build a network of builders and doers. As an NFT holder you will receive long-term benefits into the ecosystem we are building. Getting airdrops, access into the tools we build for free or to be grandfathered in.

See our First NFT Project here, called Crypto Brick.

4. NFT Notifications Tool

Curating notifications for NFT projects. 

Gathering and displaying information in a curated way that helps NFT buyers to make smarter buying decisions. Taking inspiration from Nanson and other existing tools.